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Now Offering Shuttle Services for Healthcare Professionals in Indiana!

Transportation for HEROES!

Are you a Home Healthcare Agency, Nurse, QMA or CNA? Would you like to utilize a reliable shuttle service to cover hours at facilities outside of Fort Wayne like Auburn, Berne & Avilla Indiana? Is your vehicle down and you're struggling to find transportation to and from? Are you a guest working from a different state and would like to be transported from the airport, hotel & facility you're assigned to work during your stay? If you fit any of these descriptions, then please don't hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our transit services and how we could possibly serve you!

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Services Ride Rescue Offers

*Transportation for Employment

*Transportation for DCS, Foster Parents & Similar Agencies

*Transportation for Correctional Facilities

Ride Rescue offers many different forms of transportation whether it's for individuals, foster care agencies, manufacturing plants, factories, correctional facilities, healthcare agencies or employers. We take pride in assisting businesses and individuals alike who may be in need of obtaining reliable shuttle services from a reputable local company!

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Ride Rescue

Ride Rescue is a ride share service comparable to Uber and Lyft curated especially for small populated communities (under 30,000) who suffer from and are not offered those types of transportation options within their city/communities.  

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About Us

Our mission at Ride Rescue is to assist and offer small populated communities the same type of amenities offered in a large city. Lack of transportation can affect an individuals ability to maintain steady employment, get to healthcare appointments and simply be able to provide for themselves and their families. Ride Rescue was developed to offer some sort of relief and dependability in small towns where these issues are a constant hindrance.



Grocery & Food Delivery Services to Albion Indiana

If you are a local business located in Albion Indiana & you'd like to become a partner to participate in our Instacart/DoorDash food delivery clone services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via any of our contact info provided.

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Grocery & Food Delivery Services

Want to offer your products to Albion Indiana? Do you own a coffee shop, restaurant or any other type of business located in or near Albion Indiana? Want to grow your sales and expand your consumer reach within your community? If this sounds like a service you might be interested in using, please fill out our "Get In Touch" form today! We would love to hear your opinions and welcome all feedback! We will get back with you in 24 hours or less!

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